Project Description

This project is a game that has been made as a ‘week project’ for school. We had 3 days, not including introduction and other event, to make a one button game. This meant that the whole game should only be controlled by one button.

Game Summary

After discussing we decided to make an endless runner based around the civil war. You are a soldier that has to deliver a message to your leaders, while collecting tea.


My task in this project was to create the infinitely generating platforms and enemies, as well as the other gameplay mechanics such as: jumping, item collection, scrolling background, enemy behaviour, etc.

At first I wanted to do this ‘week project’ by myself, but after I was invited to this team I thought it was a good opportunity to work with different people, since I had done most of my previous projects with the same people. I was a bit sceptical about the idea of the game, but it turned out to be a lot of fun to make.


Bipton trailer

List of Team Members


You can download the Bipton Unity3D build for Windows here, so you can play it yourself!

Source Code

The source code is not available at this moment.