Lukkien Air

Project Description

I asked the company Lukkien to send me an intake assignment for a senior Java developer position. This project was what I created based on that assignment.


Create an airline website where users can sort through flights and view information about them, including: origin, destination, price, and departure date. Spring-Boot should be used for the back end, with Hibernate for data access, and ReactJS should be used as front end.

Also I should note that the assignment was clear the website and databases did not need any sort of security, nor coverage of all special cases in a robust way


Since I had never worked with either Spring-Boot or ReactJS I leaned a lot from this assignment. I now know a lot more about web-development than I did before and I thank Lukkien for providing me with this opportunity.

I also would like the developers at Lukkien for giving me useful feedback on this project, so that I can keep improving myself and my skill set.


Source Code

The source code of this project can be found on my GitHub page.