Twitch Rivals Resource Race

Project Description

This project is a custom Minecraft gamemode for Twitch Rivals. Multiple teams of streamers will try to collect resources, the team with the most collected resources wins.

Project Summary

A BungeeCord network with multiple Minecraft server node will be setup. Each node will be used by a single team to complete the objective: gain as much points as possible.

You gain points by collecting resources, these resources have to be put in the correct chest at the spawn of the world. Above these chests is a hologram, displaying the corresponding item, and a leader-board. This leader-board displays the score of every team for that particular item.

In the HUB of the server, there will be a single leader-board, displaying the total score of each team.


CaptainSparklez looking at the scoreboards. (Time stamp: 04:17:58)


This was the first time I had ever did freelance work for a multinational company. It was also the first time I made a product that would be seen by millions of people. Even though the project was not that big, it was a privilege to be able to work on it.

I learned a lot about doing business internationally with bigger companies. It was also a good exercise to polish up my BungeeCord development.


The source code of this project is private.