Project Description

This game was made in my first year at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht during the week long Games for Chang gamejam of 2017, you can click here to read more about the gamejam. We made our game at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and got 3rd place!

Game Summary

You are basically a Mexican running away from Trump. The blue bar indicates how long you can run before your energy runs out, and the red bar at the top indicates how much health you have left. The goal is to collect all 8 bricks hidden over the randomly generated map.


My task in this project, initially, was to create the randomly generated terrain and the AI of Trump. Unfortunately my co-developer fell ill so I had to takeover some of his workload, including: collision, minimap, movement, and stamina bar.

This was the first gamejam I had ever done, and since we worked with second year artist the pressure to perform was high. Nevertheless it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun, even though by the end of the week I was tired and had lost my voice.


List of Team Members

Source Code

The source code is avalible on GitLab.

You are basically a Mexican running away from Trump.

Side Note

The final thing I would like to say about this project, is that it is not in any way a political statement. We made it for fun, and chose the topic because it was news at the time. I do not concern myself with politics.

This game was not meant to offend anyone.