I enjoy talking about work I’ve made, research I’ve done, and basically anything that piques my interest. I’ve learned how to present for larger groups of people, and while it will always be exciting I feel quite comfortable doing so.


I’ve been coding in Java since 2013. I was 13 at the time and I played a lot of Minecraft, which is also written in Java, with my friends. There was this API called Bukkit (now forked into Spigot) which allowed you to modify the behaviour of the server side of Minecraft, and make things like: minigames, custom items, etc. That is how I started to learn Java and how I got into object oriented languages and design patterns.

I’ve gotten quite a lot of use from this skill with my hobby of making Spigot plugins and as freelance developer.


When I started my Game Development education at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht in 2016 I got lessons in programming, and since we would use Unity3D later in the course, the language was C#. I had a huge advantage over the other students because I already knew Java, which is quite similar in a way. Nevertheless I could now ask questions and receive feedback from seasoned professionals one-on-one, which was a big help and improved both my C# and Java skills.


In 2010 I started a HTML & CSS course from LOI Kidzz, in that course I learned the basics of HTML and CSS and it inspired me to do self-education on web-development so that I could build a website for me and my classmates. Later in my Game Development education I followed a course of web-development that included HTML as well as PHP and JavaScript.

These skills came in handy while doing my intake assignment for Lukkien.


In 2011, after my course of HTML & CSS is was obsessed with flash games, and wanted to make a game myself. When I was doing the course of HTML & CSS I came across the JavaScript language and its canvas component. I started watching tutorial videos and after a few weeks my first web-based game was completed.